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What we do ?

We provide Telecommunication & IT services that are highly agile and help our clients respond quickly to changes in business dynamics, by establishing a standard and repeatable methodology for each endeavor. We are committed to providing the latest innovations in the field of telecommunication and IT to the Libyan market through maintaining solid business ties and vital cooperation programs with leading international technology manufacturers and solution providers. Moreover, our technical team conducts extensive technical studies and consultations with our clients to helps them understand their needs and provide them with customized solutions, while still ensuring that all the necessary knowledge gets transferred to them.


Connect your business using our custom-made robust VSAT networks.

Businesses and organizations need to deploy increasingly effective, flexible, and scalable networks to transport progressively larger and more sensitive data. Spectrum relies on fully mastered technologies to deploy VSAT solutions, as well as terrestrial and hybrid solutions, based on the anticipated SLAs and the best cost/performance ratio.

VSAT solutions range:

Satellite links

Reliable and highly available VSAT links that are rapid and easy to install, using various solutions and techniques such as Vipersat, Dynamic SCPC,  FDMA, and iDirect. 


Highly secured dedicated connectivity using MPLS protocol over VSAT links.

Premium internet services

Dedicated and guaranteed internet access for a reliable and high-performance connection.

Network supervision

A web-based interface that allows you to monitor network performance and quality of service.


Providing organizations with the agility to scale and adapt technology operations as its business changes.

We are partnered with and certified by industry leading vendors, allowing us to offer our customers next generation technology solutions. We work with both our customers and our partnered vendors to develop the technology solutions demanded by each unique situation. From the inception of the project to the knowledge transfer phase, we are with our customer each step of the way.

Spectrum offers a range of solutions that include:

Enterprise Networking solutions:

  • WAN, LAN and WALAN Networking.

  • Network Security.

  • Network Management, Control, and analysis.

  • Voice Over IP systems.

  • Datacenter solutions, facility, and infrastructure.

  • Modular power solutions.

  • Surveillance systems.


Transmission Networking

Building ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent enterprise transmission networks using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) technologies.

Our optical transmission solutions guarantee and provide the following:
  • Ultra-Large Bandwidth

    High-performance 100G/200G/400G, single fiber capacity more than 20T, optical and electrical in one platform, flexible in board dimensions, and smooth evolution to 1T/2T.

  • Simplified OAM

    Real-time monitoring and intelligent diagnostics on the network at every level every time, covers service, optical channel, fiber failure distance of more than 160 km.

  • Intelligent Management

    Self-service provisioning and automatic adjustment of bandwidth/latency.


End-to-End Navigation Aid and Air Traffic Control systems in compliance with internationally recognized standards.

We provide system design, installation, integration, training, maintenance services, and turnkey solutions in compliance with ICAO standards for the following systems:


Navigation Aid System (Navaids)

  • DME.
  • ILS.
  • NDB.
  • Mobile and frangible systems.
  • Shelters.

Air traffic Control ATC

  • VHF/UHF/HF radio communications.
  • Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS).
  • Recording Systems.
  • Time Generating Systems.
  • PABX/Intercom/Telephone.
  • Remote control and monitoring.
  • Operator consoles.

Weather Station

Gathering accurate, real-time,  and reliable weather information enables effective forecasting and monitoring of extreme weather conditions to ensure the safety of people and the protection of property.

Spectrum is cooperating with global technology leaders in weather and environmental measurement to deliver and provide the following solutions:

  • Automatic Weather station.

  • Beacon Weather Station.

  • Weather and Environmental sensors.

  • Observation Network Manager.

  • Calibration and maintenance services including calibration certificates.

Unified communication

Unified communication help employees work anywhere - in the office, remotely or onsite.

Make your employees’ life easier by helping them to utilize a hybrid cloud communication service that provides them with various means of communication such as telephony, video conferencing, screen sharing and secure messaging.

These services will enable:
  • Easier communication between departments.

  • Onsite or remote communication using same number.

  • Utilize a private cloud to communicate from anywhere.

RADIO communication

We offer cost-effective radio communication systems that are flexible and easily scalable with no limitations.

Our radio services include the following:
  • VHF.

  • UHF.

  • HF.

  • Microwave.